Brownell’s Sales and Service LLC, managed by Scott Brownell, started as Brownell’s Snowmobiles on Route 40 in Easton in 1969 by Al and Leona Brownell. We were selling SnoJet snowmobiles as a part-time business out of our garage. In 1972, we erected a shop and began selling Yamaha snowmobiles. SnoJet sold out to Kawasaki, and as a result, we sold Kawasaki and Yamaha sleds for a brief time. Kawasaki left the snowmobile business but we continued to sell Yamaha sleds.

In 1982, our then 14 year old son Scott began assembling sleds and gradually he worked into servicing. We continued with the part-time sales and service business until 2006.

Scott decided to quit his civil engineering job and sell Yamaha sleds, ATVs and Side by Sides full time. He and Al erected a larger building 1/2 mile south of the former shop near Scott’s home on Route 40, where he lives with wife, Kym and sons Ryan and Damon. Scott does all the mechanical work and sales himself. Al and Leona help with the book-keeping and other business duties.

We have been pleased with the success of our family business. But the greatest pleasure we have is the number of wonderful people we have come to know through our business.

Scott services and sells parts for all Yamaha motor sport products.  He can also get parts for sleds and ATV’s manufactured by others.